Alaska becomes second state to approve ranked-choice voting

Spencer Neale :: Washington Examiner

In a vote that barely passed, Alaskans chose to adopt ranked-choice voting in statewide elections going forward.

According to the Alaska Division of Elections, which submitted results of the 2020 election on Tuesday, 50.55% of Alaska’s voters supported Ballot Measure 2, confirming the use of ranked-choice voting on future ballots.

Ranked-choice voting allows voters to rank their choices from favorite to least, instead of choosing one candidate. Shea Siegert, who led the main group supporting the ballot measure, called the election win a "victory for all Alaskans."

“We now have an electoral system that lives up to Alaska’s independent streak by saying, 'To hell with politics, let’s do what is right for Alaska,'” Siegert said in a nod to former U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens.

Alaska joins Maine in using the ballot option after residents of the northeastern state approved its use in the 2016 elections and used the method to select candidates in statewide elections in 2018 and the presidential election in 2020.

Beginning in 2022, Alaska will do away with two separate political primaries, and the top four vote-getters, regardless of political party, will advance to the general election.

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