Letter: A major benefit of ranked-choice voting

Roanoke Times

As an Australian who has watched with dismay the American electoral system over the past 20 years, I was encouraged by the editorial regarding ranked-choice voting ("Va. Republicans and ranked-choice," April 10).

Ranked-choice or a preferential voting system has been used in Australia for as long as I can remember, and while the editorial explained some of the benefits, there is one major benefit that America could obtain from its adoption.

That is the true possibility of alternate political parties or candidates having a chance at gaining some power.

Take the presidential election for example.

Imagine having four or five candidates. One could see Sanders heading the Social Democrats, with Biden heading the Mid Democrats, AOC heading the Green Democrats, with Trump and Romney each heading factions of the Republican Party.

Under this scenario, a third-party candidate would have a much greater chance, since if you voted for the Green Party, and they did not get the numbers, your vote would not be wasted and indeed not create an advantage for the opposition party.

Likewise, Republicans who disliked Trump would not have to vote for him, with the threat of wasting a vote if they voted for Romney and he lost.

Geoffrey Boyes, Roanoke

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