National Volunteer Meeting

We're all fed up with our poisoned politics but we know they won't change until will change how we elect our leaders. Ranked choice voting will solve fundamental issues facing our democracy, but we need your help. We're calling all content creators, story-tellers, artists, marketers, and social media users, to use their talents and time to spread awareness of this crucial reform; join us for a national volunteer call to find out what you can do to build public awareness of ranked choice voting.

Important: this meeting is for people who are not already a part of their own state movement, or don't want to be. Rank the Vote's ongoing priority is to connect you to a local RCV community if we can, so please first check our states page to see if there is an organization you can help with. If not, then this national meeting is for you!


May 23, 2021 at 8pm - 9pm


Caleb Gruder ·


Will you come?