Ranked choice voting best plan for Democracy

Third parties are so important, even if they don’t win.

Ranked choice voting best plan for Democracy

Save the date. On Aug 30, at 4pm, the Movement for a People’s Party is launching its first People’s Convention.

This was started by angry Bernie supporters who realized the Democratic Party is never going to champion a people’s platform like Bernie Sanders’.

The days of FDR are long gone. They’re upset that Progressives like Bernie, Warren, and the squad cave to the powerful pressures of the Democratic establishment; that they can’t change that party; the party ends up changing them.

Simultaneously we have the movement for Rank Choice Voting, which is working in Maine and is coming up for a vote in Massachusetts in November. This lets people vote first choice, second, etc. The last choice keeps getting knocked out until one candidate has 51%. This eliminates vote splitting (eg. Warren/Bernie/Tulsi in the primary) and “spoilers” and a consensus candidate wins.

There is a Green Party, but the People’s Party is trying to pick up the working class Trump supporters who voted for Trump because they saw the good jobs go overseas, the very people the Democrats abandoned. Third parties are so important, even if they don’t win. The Green Party campaigned on the Bernie platform decades ago: Medicare for All, free public college, a Green New Deal, etc. They’ve pushed Rank Choice Voting for years. With Rank Choice Voting we could have a couple of dozen parties with a shot at the White House, Congress, and our state houses.

Time to slay the corporate two headed monster. What have they gotten us? Endless war, terrible pandemic, 100 million unemployed, hundreds of thousands living on the streets, increasing fascist policing and surveillance, and the toppling of countries all over the world, many whose leaders were trying to fight this system of corporate empire as well.

Charlotte Burns, Palmer

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